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Wednesday, Jul. 30, 2003 @ 10:16 am

(Prague: Charles Bridge, Astronomical Clock, Powder Tower... Church X, Statue X, Park X... it's all a background for creative thought. I've been doing writing exercises. One word prompts. This was promted by meeting a girl from Calgary. And sheesh we spend a lot of time in internet cafes, what with Karen emailing her real boyfriend, her London boyfriend, and her American boyfriend... ahh the complications of multiple secret relationships. I'll stick to my good old Diaryland boyfriend)

I remember the first night we met, Aaron. I rode the skytrain to the end of the line, and the immense spread of the city nearly overwhelmed me. How could I have lived in this city for so long and still be surprised by its depth and size?

And there you were at the end of the line. I'm not sure how well I concealed my nerves, but every inch of me was shaking. I wanted it to last. It felt so good to be near you - the tingles, the sparks, the continued sense of feeling overwhelmed.

It could not last, our lives splitting apart as feverishly as a nuclear fission event. You swung south then east (if you consider Alberta east), ready to follow your dreams. I simmered in my life in Vancouver, on the farm, testing that dream life and the city life at the same time. And now I'm flinging around every which way, Europe now, then back to Saltspring... searching for a firm direction in life.

What's next? Could be Alberta, the relatives, their fox farm. Foxes, why not? I'll keep that in mind. Like you. You're in my mind, balanced, spinning, still glowing with radiation - illuminating forever the feeling of you beside me.

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