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Sunday, Aug. 03, 2003 @ 6:27 pm

I met up with my Denmark Boy one evening in Prague. It was nothing spectacular, really, just a little walking, a little talking, and a little romance on the side of the river. More of a chance to get closure at the ends of our trips. I'm realizing now that perhaps he just didn't happen to be in Prague at the same time as me... interesting. We'll keep in touch.

Last night in Berlin we drank it up at the BeerFest. Riding the U-Bahn back to the hostel alone at 1am was a little too scary... alone because I had a little argument with Karen about her unfaithfulness to the Real Boyfriend, and also because I was getting sick of watching her massage his back and him play with her hair. I came out of the port-a-potty and the group of girls had left just the sappy couple and a few drunken stragglers... whoops. Drunk middle aged German men coming home from the football game. Yeah. Fun.

Can't believe I'm flying home in 9 days. Space cakes here I come.

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