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Tuesday, Aug. 19, 2003 @ 3:11 pm
Last day in Vancouver

You know how cool a chick I am? I put the toilet seat UP after using it at an all-guys house.

Last night was amazing, how I remember my life here, the good life, the good times.

First date was coffee down at Waterfront. He says, Europe has changed you; I can see it - you are more confident. And he hired me to write articles for his website. Paid to write. Monumental step, the first step towards this as a career.

Second engagement: gathering down at the Pub. I just showed up, uninvited. I walked up the stairs, they were all there around the table, the group I only linger on the fringe of. I used to be in with them, rolling down the grassy hills after the tequila, driving to the airport in the night. I have drifted, but I still wanted to see them. I enter. People remark, Holy shit I haven't seen you in ages! I didn't stay long, I felt awkward, on the outside as I am.

Third date was with the thing I had to do before I left for Europe. We hung out in his ghetto house with his shirtless and tattooed neighbours (and twist-off bottles of Canadian) watching pirated DVDs. Then went to play pool at the dive down the road. Came back, 'watched a movie', and then he's pulling on my hair and I'm chewing on his lip.

Now I'm packing up again. Made ferry reservations. Bought nice new comfy grey cords. I feel like a mouse in them.

There will be stories to come if I find internet in hippie-land.

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