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Friday, Sept. 05, 2003 @ 10:59 pm

Well us girls, the Interns, went into town tonight to the marine pub. Two car convoy, the windows permanently stuck rolled down, radio turned up. Beers on the patio - seeing the world outside of the Centre. Sneaking alcohol between the 6pm and 11pm feedings.

Realizing how screwed over we are when three interns leave next week and no seals are yet releasable.

But I am still in love with this job, this place. On my two hour break today I drove out to the beach. There was a moment of perfection, of bliss. Tragically Hip on the cassette deck, salty hair dripping down my back, wind tangling it up, sheep farms to my right and the ocean to the left. Up ahead a grove of douglas firs and cedars. Arbutus peeling red skin all along the shore. Sun streaming down.

And all I can think about is when I closed my eyes. I lay on my back in the salty bay, the interface of the sea and the air rimmed around my cheeks and toes, and I felt as though I was falling backwards. The world spinning and the water slipping over the surface; me slipping with it. Bliss.

That's today. I can't wait for tomorrow.

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