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Sunday, Sept. 14, 2003 @ 9:21 pm

Martha's film crew visit was mildly entertaining. I just sneaked out of being Fish Mash Demonstrator at the last moment. You'd understand, seeing the thick black lenses of the cameras, the lights all set up as fake sunshine, and gauzy filters that tower over your head softening the light into an oh-so-Martha style. I am in some background shots - bathing the seals (pretending to at least) and whatnot. Whenever it airs I'll let you know. Because I know that you all watch Martha regularly.

The pace at work in increasing. Half the staff as when I started and no fewer seals. I am afraid. Very, very afraid.

My breaks, my sanity, going down to the beach in the afternoons, will all be reduced from the 2 hrs down to ? God, I'm outta here so fast if they take away our days off...

Sitar is my favourite. He makes it all worth while "mmmm bleehhh" and his snow leapord white spotty coat is like velvet.

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