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November 4, 2003 @ 11:59 pm
Better Off as Friends

Halloween: riding the ferry in a red cape and mask. On the mainland, driving past broken pumpkins to the party. Green and pink roman candles flare up and there's a Geisha in the seat beside me. Playland glows, into the tunnel, amber red green lights blur.

I'm out back sitting on a concrete retaining wall talking with Dave. I tell him about my parents ("Living in a cabin is not a comfortable life. Wildlife rehab is not a career.") and then he tells me he still is uncontrollably in love with me. He leans over to kiss me and I push him away. I glance up at the kitchen and there looking down on us is the Pirate that I want to be with. That I have been with. That I cannot be with because of him right there beside me.

It is better this way - being friends. We go again to the food court at the mall to eat greasy hangover food. Then it's the clean up (ahh those sneaky places people leave their beer bottles!) Then we all laze around the living room just talking and listening to music.

Back on the island it's the same wonderful hard work. Another change over of staff and I'm still here. When asked how long I was staying, I replied "Until Christmas" without a hesistation. Snow on Salt Spring? I cannot wait.

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