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Thursday, Dec. 11, 2003 @ 12:20 am
Jinxing It

Oh God I feel sick I'm so excited.

"I looked at your application and I looked no further." The interview is set up for tomorrow, on campus at UBC.

And then the ferries completely stop running.

So I'm freaking out, calling the water taxi service, the float plane hotline, the boat charter companies... only to find that there is absolutely no way off this island. Why today? Why strike on the one day that I absolutely have to be on the mainland??!!

But wait... the helicopter. Ring, ring. Could you? (Oh, let it not be stormy.)

So I get to show up at this interview all windblown from the flight with a huge smile on my face from the helicopter high. If I don't get this job I will be very surprised. Ha ha, Vancouver here I come!

(I love you, Salt Spring.)

I want to say that I'm now looking for somewhere to live in the city but I guess that's a little assuming. One.Step.At.A.Time. First task: make it into town tomorrow.

On a strange side note I had the pleasure of hauling my dead seal friend Gunshot off the beach and into the woods down behind my cabin. "We've always wanted an entire adult seal skeleton." Mmmm I should have kept my mouth shut about my find.

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