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Saturday, Dec. 13, 2003 @ 9:51 pm
Wrapping Up

So this is it, the last days at the Wildlife Centre. Last hitchhiking adventure, last seal feed, last night on the town. Everything does always work out. Charmed life? I think that I have it too easy sometimes.

Two nights back in the city = 10 drinks. The Rugby Club and two house parties. I'd forgotten the energy and social life of the city. I was standing at the intersection of 41st and Cambie last night and that's when I allowed myself to like the city again. Sure it's concrete and the suburbs spread out in a sickening perpetual grid, but there are so many interesting eyes. Instead of stars there are the city lights that rise out of the ocean and cast an amber halo into the sky. Just look for it, just look around. It's home and it's (mostly) fantastic.

Amy made me a mixed tape for Christmas/birthday/new job. I love that.

Because I feel guilty for taking off with such short notice I offered to bring a slew of frozen seals over to the lab in Burnaby for necropsy. If I don't make the first ferry on Monday there's going to be a slight problem.

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