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Sunday, Jan. 04, 2004 @ 3:38 pm
Operation Hook-Up

So here's the deal.

Me and S are best girl friends. E and L are best boy friends. Me and E are close friends and have slept together. It didn't work out to become a substantial relationship, but we are still on great terms. On New Years E confessed his lust to S. She assumed he only said it because he was drunk and told him that she couldn't be with him because of the past with me and E. Also because of our past, I feel that I cannot proceed with my lust for L.

So the deal is, if I can tactfully manage to get S and E together then I absolve any problems with the coupling of me and L.

There is a party-in-the-ghetto next Saturday night. Operation Hook-Up has begun.

Free Accomodation

--------------------------------------------------Reply to: [email protected]

Date: 2004-01-04, 11:28AM

I am offering free rent for an individual, preferably a female, in exchange for massages and some housekeeping. You will have your own room and perhaps a suite. I would also consider an allowance, depending on the person and the particular arrangement. Let's talk.

cats are OK - purrr

dogs are OK - wooof

it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

this is in or around Vancouver


Jen tells me: "D. stormed off in a rage saying 'I'm sick of these games!'"

I tell her: "He was the one who asked me to play pool."

I kicked his ass, so he had to buy me a drink. Then I went dancing. Later he asked her where I was. She told him the dancefloor, and when he found me I was sucking face with the yankee marine.

Two hours later, karma slapped me upside the head when Sarah told me that Eric confessed his lust for her.

I deserved that.

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