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Monday, Jan. 05, 2004 @ 10:42 am
Six Weeks

1. I hate my job

I've had jobs that I dislike in the past, but I've always been able to find enough reward to overlook the hateful aspects. I'm not sure that I can ever relax into this job. My boss comes in and yells at me that I left one bit of mouse bedding over there in that corner under that pail. They tell me to 'manage my time' (ie. hurry up) and then yell at me when I miss that one mote of dirt.

2. My degree is useless

I have a bachelor of science and I just mastered the use of an industrial floor polisher.

3. I've become someone I dislike

Whether due to job dissatisfaction or due to general lack of direction I've taken to a destructive lifestyle. I've hurt someone. My morals are weakening to nonexistant. I go to work with 3 hours of sleep. I drink way too much. I have regressed to living with my parents, leeching, and I've pretty much stopped apartment hunting because all the affordable suites I've looked at have sucked - and living with the guys in Burnaby is just not a good idea altogether.

4. I hate to ask for reference letters

More schooling requires applications, and applications require reference letters. I hate to be fickle. "Hey exboss, last year I wanted this but failed, so this year I want this." What does a wildlife center director know about programX anyhow?

5. The deadline for application is February 28th.

Is this a career-idea-of-the-moment or something that I really want to do? Can I pull everything together in six weeks? Am I ready for another four years of school/studying and this city?? Do I have the guts to quit this job?

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