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Saturday, Jan. 10, 2004 @ 11:49 am
Generation P

Operation Hook-up is in action full force. Well, sort of. Last night was a most Douglas Coupland sort of affair. Intimate house party up on Chartwell Drive. We're six in the hot tub overlooking the sparkling kingdom of Vancouver and my toes are mixed up with his under the water. Really? Is that his knee leaning against mine? This is too easy. So I squirm over into the frigid unheated pool and my blood pressure plummets and I surface gasping, lungs shocked frozen. Laughing, seal-like, flipper back into the now burning hot tub to the other side from him.

And then there were the brownies with a capital P. "Hey Shan how do you feel after one? Ken is prostrate on the landing..."

I slept in the ballet room. Woke up and scared myself looking into my reflection on the wall of mirrors. Taking one last look at the spread of the foggy city, I snuck out, everyone still sleeping. Tonight we'll have just as much fun in the ghetto of Burnaby. Probably more.

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