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Monday, Jan. 12, 2004 @ 10:32 am
Roommate Number Four

Whirlwind, I'm not sure when my feet are both going to touch the ground.

Saturday was the party. Everyone was there. Fifteen people smoking in the garage, half a dozen spilled over the front steps and shoulder-to-shoulder thoughout the house. The Plan didn't quite go as expected. I brought S and she was talking with E for almost the whole party. That part of the plan is working quite well. However, I got distracted. Their new roommate, who moved into the space I was considering, seemed to take a liking to me. He accosted me onto his cheetah-print bed and I woke up the next morning fully clothed in my jeans and t-shirt. Everyone knows where I slept that night - the funny thing is that all I did was sleep.

At one point Dave came up to me and held onto my face and tells me that God he loves me still so much. And I succomb to one steamy kiss and then escape to distribute homebaked cookies. He's never going to get over me... it's been what five years now? Christ.

S asked me where I ended up that night and I tell her. "Really him? OK now I really have no idea what your Type is." Good, because I don't have a type.

Last night Dan invited me out for drinks and then we went back to his place to rustle up some capital P. I made him all sniffly with all my post-work mouse dander. Our arrangement, our rules... the way he kisses my nose makes me think that sometime the rules might change. Or maybe that's just me hoping.

I can't believe that it's still there, green and sparkling, after the snow has come and gone.

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