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Monday, Jan. 19, 2004 @ 1:23 am
Easy Night

Down in the Village, it's Sunday night. Through the rain comes a supply of friends... how many? Two hours, the cycle of people changing constantly, dropping in, dropping out.

He tried to steal the hot peanut machine? You outta see the burn marks across his chest, the scene of strewn steaming peanuts across the parking lot.

Everyone is there so of course Dave is too. He gives me this look across the room and I just lower my head into my coffee.

I lower my head at work too. It's just me and the night janitor. He holds the door for me as I'm hauling the bin to the dumpster. What does he think of me? "She's so young to be doing this."

What he doesn't see is me poking the mice brains two hours earlier. Still... waiting. Waiting for what? Time flies when you're dancing all night.

I met someone who is absolutely smart and straightforward. He stood so close to me when we were saying goodbye. Just a little too close. I can't stop thinking about him, because he is relationship material

The problem is right now I'm not relationship material.

arf arf!

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