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Thursday, Jan. 22, 2004 @ 12:35 am
Amber Lights

Date. Bank teller. Why did he ask me out? Why did I accept? In the bathroom I look at my reflection and the little window just over my shoulder. Tempts me like that dangly carrot. But I resist that escape hatch, and then he's stolen a kiss from me. Indignant I pull away, run away. Back to the village, comforting home. Drummer is there.

I hide in the shadow of the toy store and watch them all happy and laughing. Coffee highs and other highs. Matty's got a bongo slung around his neck and a big cozy sweater on. I don't know the girls.

Then the drummer starts walking away. The wrong way. I'll never run into him now. So I talk to Matty instead. He gives great hugs.

I needed that hug, a real hug. An "I've known you forever" hug. Because Boss yelled at me today at work. In front of two other techs. It was about the floor. He was showing me how to do it his way and I shrugged and walked away. "This is part of the job, ShanNON," in his accent. Insolent, I was, for the first time at work ever.

Does it look like I care how shiny the floor is?

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Sunlight and Traffic Light

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