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Saturday, Feb. 14, 2004 @ 12:46 am
Ten days till the Tdot

I know where I should have been tonight.

Wendesday: quitting. The boss had sat me down to explain how to properly dust the shelves, by removing everything, then wiping and then replacing everything. I said OK as usual, walked to my locker to get my resignation letter and then sat down again. "It really doesn't matter anyhow," and presented him the letter. "I have accepted another job."

The gossip spread fast through the Unit. I saw the quiet conversations and the quick looks at me. And then one by one they came up to ask me about my new job. I avoided their questions and only told them I'd be down at the T.F.L. One was incredulous: "I've been applying to them for months. Do you have experience?" Well, I worked a year for one of their spin-off companies.. so yes.

Still, I'm lucky to have gotten this job, because my experience really is minimal.

Tonight was supposed to have been the anti-vday party, but it got postponed till next weekend for a reason unknown to me. Instead I booked a flight to Toronto and a flight home from Montreal.

Brrr?! Sounds nice 'n cozy to me :)

East Van Sunset

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