Rooted, I used to think.

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Wednesday, Apr. 21, 2004 @ 1:21 am
The Burnaby Zoo

Time, days fling past - a continuum of beers and mice and hockey games.

One night my phone rang, and it was Toronto. He was sitting in a suite at the Fairmont just 20 minutes away. I went, I nearly ran, and when I saw him I knew it was totally imperfect. Flawed, the way I feel about him has changed. I left the hotel at 2am, feeling bad about not wanting or needing him, walking down Hastings towards home. He nearly didn't let me go alone, but he couldn't hold me back - and this just explains the way we have become.

One night was beers with the old lab. Shop talk and old lab gossip.

Another night of the old highschool Socials Office girls. Girly drinks at Earls. Me so different but so the same, I'd like to think I'm different, but not at all changed.

Changed. Changing mice. Mice... mice morph into.. chinchillas?

My room in the basement of our ghetto house is turning into a bonafide zoo.

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