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Sunday, Apr. 25, 2004 @ 11:49 pm

In the darkness, it's just me and hot chocolate and my thoughts. I imagine that the shimmering orange sea of suburbia really is ocean. I can hear the waves in the traffic sounds. What is the difference, really? Both maintain life, both teem with community, trophic levels, light gradients... The shadow and the bottom feeders here and the glittering nucleus of the downtown core, the heart of the ecosystem, the green of the plankton twenty dollar bills.

Exquisite is the night, exquisite was last night. Housewarming. In the early morning hours I cuddle with him again. Another long night of holding so tighly onto each other, as though we were falling through the sky, clutching onto the only solid thing within reach. I lay with my lips imperceptibly touching his. God how my heart was racing, he probably heard it right out loud. And then I just snuggled into him, so unsatisfied but revelling in the anticipation that grows further still.

In the daytime, thinking over the night from behind the handlebars. Skunk cabbage thick in the air, couples walking the boardwalks... couples. He really isn't looking for anything more than a cuddlebuddy, is he?

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