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Thursday, Aug. 05, 2004 @ 10:28 pm

Oh God, the beautiful times.

Another weekend on the lake, Okanagan magic and the stars. Lying on the back of the boat as it speeds across the planer dimension water space. My sister is gorgeous in any light, and in the sparkling sunset she sparkled too. I dived into the lake and floated there happy and feeling alive...

Alive? Last night beneath the booming crashing flashing fireworks, we ran away from English Bay. Against the teeming crowds, back across the bridge, and the rings of reds.whites.oranges rise up behind Stanley Park. Who needs all that fuss when you've got your friends swaying beside you and martinis sloshing in your stomach?

Conversation on a curb. Nick. Who's Nick? Third time to meet him, third time's the charm. We talked about life and feeling alive, philosophy, questioning the sheep herding of society; talking about it all. You're so cute and the curb melts into a couch, I fall asleep on his chest and wake alone in Julia's apartment. He said he was sorry he had to leave, but left his number here and wants you to call it.

Tomorrow we leave to camp at the Secret Beach on Bowen Island. Me and three boys.

Whirlwind life. Leaving a scattering of broken hearts behind me...

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