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Thursday, Oct. 28, 2004 @ 1:09 am

Something weedy at Halfmoon Bay

Running under the eclipsing moon, through wafting dark incense, flickering cemetery nights. A dark ghost follows me, a figure burned onto my retina. I startle but then try to look at it - it mirrors perfectly my lilted stride. Shadow-protector.

Now tonight, so different from last. I fell before you, Chris. Broken from the inside, I let all those thoughts and fears avalanche from me. The window, the window, I could just jump out of there and run off unhinged into the wild night. But you read my mind, unbelievable. I'm not leaving you alone. And you hold onto me and let me let go of all the hidden sadness.

I'm crazy about you, Shannon.

The moon unclipses, waxes, reilluminates this Wednesday night. The night is clear; my mind is clear. I came so close to pushing away the very best thing in my life - the person who (maybe)loves me.

I nearly love you too.

Something mushroomy at Terra Nova

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