Rooted, I used to think.

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Wednesday, Nov. 10, 2004 @ 8:08 pm
Victoria Trip

Midnight Hide-a-bed, your mother's house in Sooke. Midnight, rain falls, island mist drifted in from Japan. Holding onto you, the feelings within me paw at my larynx Let me out, let me out

I look at him in the eyes and say I think thump.thump that I'm falling thump.thump in love with you thumpthumpthump.

2:00 pm Double-wide trailer, Goldstream Trailer Park. Salami, orange sliced cheese, saltines, pretzels. Dish of crinkly wrapped white candy. Two budgies chattering in the kitchen. The Christmas tree sparkles. Shannon: Papa. Papa: Shannon

11:00pm Your bed, Richmond. I'm nearly asleep. I love you, Shannon. Did I dream it? No. You love me. A quiet wish, a blessing, told as if to test the words with me there but not knowing.

I think we both know.

Fall Colour in Steveston

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