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Sunday, Nov. 14, 2004 @ 7:22 pm
Oregon Coast

Flowers on a dune in central Oregon

You and me driving down the I-5. Every mile is a memory and a laugh or a kiss. Cross from one state into another, we're flying down the highway to the coast.

Late nights on the beach, I'm wading in the sea and the rollers are pushing and pulling me but my heart is solidly attached to you. You draw our names in the dune in a heart and we're kissing in the sunset... perfection, a honeymoon for our now openly discussed love.

We're on the boardwalk beneath a lantern-lamp. You've zipped me into your jacket, and we waltz around on the sandy stage, our laughter echoing off of the hotel high-rises.

Running, running across the dunes. We hold hands and spin around in circles, in the wind and relentless sun and the raven cawing above us. Waves pound and echo on the sand.

More and more I see us as forever. It's exciting and fantastic... because I though that I'd never know.

Me on Tillamook Head, Oregon State

Rainbow Sands in Seaside, Oregon

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