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Tuesday, Dec. 28, 2004 @ 12:24 am
Serial Lover


Have these lines been drawn before?

I draw you over and over - it's never quite right. I can trace the lines of your face but I can't begin to explain the curves of your brain.

Who's been here before me? Do I care, does it matter? You don't know my track record. Does that matter? The past?

What happened then (all those regrets) sets me a-swirl in an eddy of what-ifs. It all could have been, if only I held on and let myself go with the ride...

I had someone simple and wonderful, someone who would have given anything for my happiness. He was crying in front of me and I let him, I made him cry. I gave him sea glass and told him I loved him, and then I told him to leave.

Why? If only I knew what I was looking for. I want a relationship, and that's all I know. I want conversation and creativity. I want passion and caring. I want to wonder and be in awe and be in love...

I've been in love how many times now... three for sure. How many have loved me? Things just feel right with you. they say. Do I choose boys like you? All of you who think I am amazing and the One... do I not risk my heart on someone who might hurt me? Someone as strong as I am?

I am a serial lover. What am I going to do about it?



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