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Wednesday, Feb. 02, 2005 @ 11:17 pm
Halfmoon Bay Weekend

He's sitting on a stool behind me in the bar, arms wrapped around me. I thought you were afraid of commitment, he says into my ear. Music is loud. Why here, why now, does he bring this up?

I am, I say. It's not even been three months, and I think he thinks he's fallen in love.

Here, he says, Keep this to remind you to not be afraid. I will always be by your side. He slips one of his rings over my thumb and curls up my fingers into his hand. The loud music saves me from making an immediate reply...

One night at the cabin I left him asleep on the couch. I slipped out to the guest house, across the lichen-strewn deck. Tingling from January ocean-swimming. In bed alone I listened to the rain. Alone.Alone.alone.

Keep your eyes open. Please, keep your eyes open...

Sunshine Coast in January

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