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Monday, Apr. 11, 2005 @ 1:29 am
Four Months

Patterns on Deas Island

Because I remember being told by a Coast Salish that these were toothbrushes, and that we could bathe with cedar boughs, and that one should always step through the door of the longhouse backwards.

Turning Rocks at Barnett Marine Park

Because I showed you how to sex crabs, lighthouses and beehives, the lighthouse just off the beach and little crabby claws pinching tickle my palm.

The Old Barnett Mill

Because I tried to climb this ruin with boys before, and I'm still not sure who it will remind me of.

View from the Tim Hortons Parking Lot

Because we're Canadian, and because there is graceful beauty in an industrial park. Music seeps from the studio and mixes with the clanging whirring of the print shop and the mill.

On the way up the Chief

Becuase we were hot and even the rock was sweating.

Push Harder!!!

Because anything is possible if only you believe...

Chipmonkey didn't like potato salad or baby carrots.

Because he took a cracker from your hand and not from mine, and I am the one who's supposed to know about rodents.

The Sea to Sky

Because I love the Sea to Sky and the Gulf Islands and the Sunshine Coast and the Georgia Straight and... you.

Me and Tim

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