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Friday, Jun. 17, 2005 @ 7:35 am
The Next Step

Shannon, West Coast Trail Shelf Walk

What is the next step you'd like to take in our relationship? sleepily he asks.

I don't think too far ahead of my feet... it's daunting to think about the kilometers of mud ahead, even though the difficult times will be eclipsed by Eden-like stretches of easy walking.

I'm not sure (is anyone ever sure?) and moreover, I'm nowhere near ready for what you seem to be implying.

It's strange to think that at the beginning I was sure you'd be short-term sexy fun; I was sure you'd tug my heart down below the surface. A surefire suffocating heartache. It's strange because you have been the one to teach me to never take someone at face value.

How many lies do you hear in your head?

Shannon, Grumpy Face, Mud!

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