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Sunday, Jul. 31, 2005 @ 6:06 pm
Photo Catch-Up

I'm really not that serious all the time. Here's a window into the rest of my life.

Photos of me at work:

In the green hard hat, at Annacis Island Waster Water Treatment Plant

On lunch break at Anducci's

Me second from left. All nerdy-like.

Doing what Teamsters do best!

And here are some photos of me and my band:

Our last casual outdoor concert.

Second flute player from the right. That'd actually make me the FIRST flute player ;)

Decorating the float for the parade.

May Day in Port Coquitlam

Miscellaneous photos of good-times Shan:

Learning to pole dance.

Me and my roomate and some American guy we picked up at the bar. He said I was photogenic. I hear that quite a bit as strange as that is.

Taming the wildlife (luring them with trailmix)

Somewhere along the West Coast Trail

My best friend and me on a bus in Mexico.

Beer-happy at one of our famously ghetto house parties.

A classic photo of me being hit on by some guy at the Blarney Stone. His shirt reads: SleazeBag.

Two of my roomates, snuggling in our ghetto living room.

An interestingly photoshopped photo of me finishing a bottle of wine while camping at a dirt bike race. Kevin did it, seriously, my ex-boyfriend Kevin. He is a little off-kilter.

Chris making sure I am alright while passed out at last year's Hallowe'en party.

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