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Friday, Aug. 26, 2005 @ 7:29 pm
Setting Sun

Here's me on a Friday night, trying to cover the tear-swollen crescents beneath my eyes, because it's different now... the dark chasm of being alone and single and without my best friend.

Are we still together? I hear the weakness in my voice, the plaintive whimper of knowing what the answer will be.

I feel like a balloon, floating up away into the sky, becoming smaller and smaller, because someone let me slide through their fingers. No purpose, what am I still doing here? I can't stop my hands from shaking in fear, broken-hearted sadness, stamped-out trust.

Think of the good times, the love you felt and gave, the good the good the good, think only of the good, but it feels better to dwell in the aching painful angry basement of bad times. Deserving this.

You guys seemed so happy... what happened? He realized he can't change me; I realized I cannot change him.

I don't want to sleep alone tonight.

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