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Monday, Aug. 14, 2006 @ 12:08 pm
Kelowna and Mt Crown

Curled up on the couch, I listen to the traffic and Daniel's restless breathing from the bedroom. I can't sleep, turning over and over, my body and my head, I was supposed to be something. Something went wrong somewhere and I gave up, gave in, but all those choices brought me to Daniel, so I can hardly regret the way things have gone. It's just that now, now that I can go somewhere, I'm grounded by my resume, a lead weight. Useless, this isn't what I want a piece of paper to say about me. We made a plan though, it might all fall apart, but we're going to get out of here. Moving to the Island. The Big Island. An Employment Insurance lottery ticket, taking a chance, that there might be relief from the Vancouver Disease. The suburbs, the congestion, the unplanned communities of cheaply built identical houses. The ethnic mosaic, everyone ignoring each other and glaring at each others temples, churches. The street racers waking me early Sunday morning, my heart racing faster than their stupid cars, in terror.

Riding the old Kettle Valley Railway:

Throught the old burned area

Daniel saw a loose bolt.

My aunt thought we should have a couple picture taken.

They redid this trestle in iron at some point.


Cooling off at Chute Lake

Sign collection in the barn at Chute Lake Lodge

Poking around in the barn

Ghost trestle

My aunt peering into the tunnel. "Keep Out"? Yeah right.

From inside the tunnel

How the rail workers made bread.

Hiking Mt Crown:

Peter and Daniel eyeing up the pyramid and camel

Daniel on the very top of the pyramid

Looking down the infamous Hanes Valley


Boulder fields

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