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Monday, Oct. 30, 2006 @ 7:40 am
A Place Like That

My last day of work at the GVRD is tomorrow. Daniel and I went over to Victoria this weekend, and he somehow managed to get a job with one of the better electrical companies in town (so we've been told). We spent all weekend looking at apartments and suites, and submitted an application for a suite with loads of character but barely larger than our current 400 square foot cottage.

We stayed with Daniel's friend Heather in Vic West and visited Daniel's cousin Ryan. There is an apartment available in the building where Ryan lives, but the building is pretty decrepit with sloping floors and torn hallway carpet. I secretly liked the apartment more than I let on because of the wierd ancient kitchen sink and the quirky pull-out Murphy beds that were used by nurses "back in the day", but the noise from traffic on Pandora would be fairly annoying.

I managed to convice all of us to go to Rebar for dinner, and the place lived up to how we'd imagined it to be from the cookbook that's become so famous in the Lower Mainland. Actually, Victoria in general lived up to what I'd imagined it to be like. Daniel commented that I was more talkative that normal, and I attribute that to my being more comfortable in a slower town, a friendlier town. It's going to be great, it really is, to live in a place where I like to go downtown.

I will probably have to go back over on Thursday to continue the apartment hunt, and that will really test my turtle-like introverted shell that I know I need to step out of. I'm overdue for a real friend, a girlfriend, someone to go jogging with on Saturday mornings and to swap recipes with. Someone who has a conversation instead of unloading all of their problems on me. I think I can find someone like this in a place like that.

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