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Tuesday, Dec. 12, 2006 @ 1:29 pm

I've had this plant since I lived on the farm, where it was growing across my orange kitchen wall. Last night came the time to finally prune it back - and it's no wonder that it wasn't doing that well considering it had to transport nutrients twenty eight feet from roots to leaves!

The move to Victoria went really smooth, so smooth that we managed to see the Be Good Tanyas here in Victoria on the night of the first.

I've been out jogging down through Beacon Hill Park and up around the headlands in Oak Bay. Yesterday I jogged out in the windstorm and felt like I was going to be lifted up off the ground over Clover Point. The waves were throwing logs up into the air... I'll miss the mountains of Vancouver, but being this close to the ocean is a real treat. To be able to go for a walk on the seawall after dinner... without driving anywhere!

On Saturday we went to Daniel's work Christmas party at the golf course in Cordova Bay, so at least we're getting out even though we have few friends here.

I went up to Fforestmere this morning to meet the Volunteer Coordinator for the Victoria Riding for the Disabled...


It would be nice to find a job soon.

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