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Sunday, Jan. 06, 2008 @ 9:06 am
Back to School

We spent most of the holidays up in the local mountains. Here is Daniel snowshoeing in knee-deep powder on Mount Seymour.

Me and Dad, looking down over the city from Birthday Rock on Grouse Mountain. Gorgeous metallic winter light.

We were tourists in our own city, here visiting Fort Rodd.

Also at Fort Rodd

Also at Fort Rodd... distracted from the batteries and emplacements...

I did some knitting over the holidays too. Here is my Foliage toque (pattern from Knitty) in 'denim' merino wool.

Tea cosy. We were at a party just before Christmas were we were pestered about our 'island' sweaters, 'island' shoes, and 'island' haircuts. So, to play up the joke, I knit an 'island' tea cosy - very Hippie, very Cowichan! My own design, knitting two strands of a very tough, roving wool blend.

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