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Thursday, May. 01, 2008 @ 6:58 pm
No Dump

You know, I don't ask for much.

All I want is a job.

I wanted it so much. Too much, I guess; I jinxed it. I left the interview feeling confident, but as the hours passed a dreading feeling grew within me. By last night, I knew that I didn't get the job at the dump. The dump!! I am not qualified enough to work at THE DUMP.

So, yeah. Now what?

They didn't flat-out reject me. It was more of a "No, but...", as they passed my resume to the engineering department. They said that they knew I could do the job, and do it well, but there was someone with some specific skills that they could benefit from. I understand. But that doesn't make me any less upset.

Daniel is working night shifts this week. I am home, alone, staring at the inside of the fridge. Not hungry, but there's not much else to do here.

I work so hard. I am at school every day from 8am-6pm. I do homework over my lunch break. I leave only when my head is pounding, full, exhausted. I work so hard, and I am left with nothing.

I must be missing something.

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