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Monday, Jun. 02, 2008 @ 8:35 pm
Photo Update

On the ferry leaving the mainland

Our campsite on Hornby. There was only one other person in the whole place... truly the Wickaninish of campgrounds.

Hornby Island Pinot Noir in Hornby Island pottery mug.

Us on the ferry, just after he proposed... Just kidding!!!

Helliwell Park... it doesn't get much better than this below the tree line.

Beautiful Helliwell Bluffs

Blue Eyed Grass

Daniel in the woods at Helliwell

The ferry coming into Shingle Spit

How we spend the evening on Hornby.

Don't be misled here... I was having major hay fever issues...

Tribune Bay... aka BC's Hawaii

OK, so there's a story here. Daniel said "OMG there's a frog in the sand there." I investigated, and confirmed that it was not a frog, but some sort of dogfish or rock cod. Now this fish was not doing so well, what with having its gills stuffed full of sand. So I dug him out and carried him on my sandal to the water, where he somewhat revived and began to swim in circles. Possibly some sort of ballast issue. Poor guy.

We were at Cowichan Lake (Lake Cowichan, whatever) over the long weekend, on a miserabe family-style camping trip.

It's not her fault that the weekend sucked, but she did wake up at 5-frickin-30 am.

Classic "Swordfern"


And more!

One quick night at Rathtrevor campground. Much nicer than Cowichan!

Just blocks from home; I love this city.

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