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Saturday, Aug. 16, 2008 @ 4:04 pm
Two Strikes

I have four weeks of work left before school, and I can't wait for it to be over. Why is it that I always seem to get jobs with incompetent managers? Are they all incompetent? My boss right now is not the worst I've ever had, but he and I are very different people.

On one of my first days working for him, he took me out in his truck for a drive around the region to visit various sites related to my job. We were headed towards a hay field to meet a farmer, and Boss says, "This man is my brother." There was a slight pause. "My Christian brother." STRIKE ONE. Who discusses religion at work? Bosses should not discuss their faith when in a small truck with a new hire.

My job description goes something like this: Answer peoples questions about the fertilizer stuff, make as many sample bags as needed, and help people load it into their cars. Needless to say, there is a lot of down time. Boss said to me explicitly, "Bring a cooler and a radio, just relax." Imagine me, sitting in my chair in the shade, listening to the CBC, reading a book, or doing crossword puzzles all day. Unsurprisingly, the guys who work at the dump have started to complain to my boss that I am just sitting there reading a book all day. So, Boss come to ME to tell me this. STRIKE TWO. Ummm... I've asked him for more work. I asked the lady in the office if she had envelopes for me to stuff. I suggested long ago if I could go do something else Tues/Thurs when things are slow... And he said that he wanted me to be sitting beside the pile of 'fertilizer'.

What happens when it's STRIKE THREE? I'm out. I'd love to spend a week visiting my parents and my sister, maybe do something spontaneous like fly to visit Adrienne in Edmonton. Relax. Not have to report to incompetent bosses.

Other than that, this summer in the city is beautiful. My running is improving, and we've done a lot of work cleaning/purging/decorating the apartment. I drive to work along the most beautiful winding country road, and I feel very healthy.

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