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Friday, Sept. 26, 2008 @ 10:42 pm

My high school reunion is a week away, and I do not have a ticket.

I had felt as though I *should* go, but with the uncertainty of the workload of my courses this fall, I put off ordering a ticket as long as possible. Plus, being on the Island, the weekend trip would cost nearly $100 before drinks (two of which would be required). What is $100 compared to 5 years of my adolescent life? Zip.

However, my mom called me tonight. We talked about this and that, me generally in a good mood and relaxed, waiting for my applesauce to process in the canner. She said that she heard that ticket sales for the reunion were very slow. How slow? About 25 sold. There were, what, somewhere between 200-300 people in my grad class. Not sure exactly how many. Don't feel like counting the yearbook photos.

I don't feel so guilty anymore.

I think that Facebook has ruined high school reunions.

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