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Tuesday, Oct. 14, 2008 @ 8:39 pm
Long Weekend

I'm watching the federal election results come in, not surprised that the results are very similar to the government that existed before the election was called. I voted strategically; however, this year my strategic vote and my true vote happened to be for the same party.

Thanksgiving turned out to be an interesting night. We did not head to the mainland to be with family, and as it turned out, my grandfather wasn't well enough to attend a dinner so our 'traditional' gathering did not happen. Daniel and I spent a beautiful day relaxing around home and later going to the climbing gym for a couple of hours. We went out for dinner, at which time the power went out for the entire south island (200,000 customers). After a long wait, we did get the great Italian dinner that we'd intended on consuming, with a free dessert thrown in for our patience.

I completed my first knitted sweater project on Monday. I found the perfect buttons for it and everything... but it's just too big. I am going to have to take it all apart and redo it. Frustrating, but I guess it only took me two weeks to make in the first place.

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