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Thursday, Oct. 16, 2008 @ 7:12 am

Now that homeless people are allowed to camp in city parks, my morning jog is filled with the sights of homeless people getting dressed, urinating, etc. I am indignant at this ruling. To me, it is a park, my park, and when I visit it, I expect it to be clean, natural and beautiful.

I don't blame the homeless people. If I were homeless, I'd like to set up my tent in the shelter of the oak trees, on the softness of the grass, in the quiet away from the streets. The courts have said that, as long as there are not enough shelter beds for these people then it's unconstitutional to not let them set up shelter such as tents and tarps. This I get. Why the city doesn't fill a community center gym with cots overnight, I don't get.

A lot of the land in Beacon Hill Park is a fragile Garry Oak ecosystem. There are sensitive wildflowers with delicate roots. If, after this winter, the fawn lilies fail to sprout... Not that flowers are more important than people... but...

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