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Thursday, Nov. 06, 2008 @ 5:19 pm
Urban Heaven

I'm restless lately. We've lived in Victoria for nearly two years now, and life is comfortable, for sure, but now is the time that I start to want a change of scenery. Annual intervals. This time last year we started looking for a new apartment, and that bought us another year in the same general part of town.

Now, I've got my eye on something a little further from here. I want to live in the Kootenays. I have wanted to live there as long as I can remember. It just... feels right. Nestled in the mountains, orchards. Historical towns, recreation a stone's throw from everywhere. Backcountry.

It's a simple enough thing for me, once I've finished my diploma. I could get a job for Highways no problem. There are also several engineering companies in the area. The problem is Daniel.

He does not want to wire residential, and commercial/industrial opportunities are essentially nil in a town like that, as far as we know. I want him to call the union hall there to find out exactly what is happening in the trade there, just so we can start to make a plan.

Furthermore, he doesn't want to be an electrician anyhow. It's a good bread-and-butter trade, but it's not exactly a rewarding career for someone who has a desire to make a change in the world. I think he should get involved in local politics or something, on the side. Volunteer... or something. ANYthing.

Victoria is pretty much the most livable city in Canada, as far as I know. Mild climate, walkable downtown, community spirit, history, culture, zero traffic... and still I'm unsatisfied.

I need to recognize how good I have it. Steps from the beach, shops, downtown. Nary a box store in sight. Dogs! Children! Friendly people! Organic coffee shops! Community gardens! It's urban heaven.

But it's not the Kootenays.

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