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Saturday, Dec. 13, 2008 @ 12:01 am
Road Trip

OK, so exams are done. I finished today at 3:30pm, proceeded to come home and have a bowl of cereal, and then headed to meet some of the class at a bar just 3 blocks from our apartment.

It was a monumental thing, meeting my class outside of class. I have been very open and candid with them in class; however, I have never initiated the out-of-class socialization. Yesterday, while we were waiting for the teacher to hand out the exam, Darrell invited me out to the pub, indicating that only certain people were being told about this. I was leery at first of such a cliquey thing, but I quickly realized that it was separating out the 19 y/o's from the more mature people in the class. I'm not sure that I still agree with it, and in the end a variety of people came, so I can't be too critical.

What was even more monumental was that I went out in this city without Daniel, and I went drinking. I've been so dependent on him for my weekend social life and not in a healthy way. He encouraged me to take my classmates up on the invitation, even though I'm at least 5 years older than their mean age.

Well, as it went down, I was successful socially. I drank some beers, I partook (?) in some shots, and I was sung to, by a room full of 19 y/o intelligent boys, so that I would drink faster. Peer pressure? Yes. For a once-in-a-while event, I'll succumb.

I heard over and over, "I didn't think you'd actually come. I'm so glad that you're here." And perhaps I came most out of spite, as I heard a girl in the glass laugh, "Shannon? Running around DRUNK? Hahahahah!" as someone described to her the invitee list. Well, she went home before I did. So there.

And here I am, introspective, at home alone. Waiting for D to come home from the night shift. After which time we are hitting the road. Destination: Phoenix, AZ.

America, I've missed you. America, here we come!

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