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Wednesday, Jan. 07, 2009 @ 1:56 pm

Since we came back from our trip, I have been strangely obsessed with having baths.

The main reason is that our apartment is cold. We don't have control of the heat, and the landlord has it set at 68*F, which he raised from 66 at D's request. We're afraid to ask for more heat, and I'm not sure why nobody else has complained. We are on the top floor, so I can't imagine how cold it is down below. Is it possible, since we're on top, that we lose heat through the roof? The roof is flat and there's not really that much space between our ceiling and the top of the roof.

The other reasons include having a sore back from a crappy mattress (see: new mattress being delivered on Saturday), and me deciding to pamper myself more lately.

D made up for not giving me a gift on my birthday by buying me a straightening iron from my hairdresser. I totally don't need one, and I didn't ask for one, and I feel like a superficial, materialistic person for having one. That being said, it works great, and a guy in my class commented on my hair. They don't normally do that. Ever. D told me that he got it for me because he knew I would never buy one myself, and because I don't pamper myself enough.

Anyhow, I'd wanted to make "Using Less Water" one of my resolutions, but my at-least-once-a-day steamy bath habit is making that idea extremely far-fetched. Well, maybe I'll start using less water once all the flooding is over...

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