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Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2009 @ 11:45 am

Daniel and I had such a great weekend.

On Friday night he went to a show with a friend while I finished up all the chores: dishes, laundry, tidying. Going to the laundromat on a Friday night is relaxing. I have a really great rapport with the attendant: we're always joking around.

On Saturday morning we geared up for a long bike ride. I rode my 'good' road bike, and he rode his 'ok' road bike to even out our differing paces. We rode a 30km loop up along the old railbeds through Saanich and down along the seaside route of Oak Bay.

That night we went to see Kathleen Edwards, one of my favourite musicians of all time. This is the third time that I've seen her live, and while I was disappointed that she didn't have the whole band with her this time, the show showed me a slightly different side of her - a side that is even more likeable than I'd previously thought.

On Sunday we slept in and later walked along the bluffs, dog watching, coffee-drinking, photo taking, etc... I made a very vegetabley dinner, including a yummy creamy carrot-potato soup.

Sunny weekends in Victoria are glorious.

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