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Monday, Jan. 26, 2009 @ 12:37 pm

D and I had a very spontaneously planned weekend in Tofino. We were sitting around on Thursday night contemplating our options for the weekend, and D decided to check out the website of a place we'd eyed in Tofino when we'd camped there last Easter. They were advertising a ridiculous storm special rate, so D called them up and booked us in for two nights. Recession? What recession!

So, on Friday, D goes to work and they tell him that he is to go to the office on Monday morning, which essentially means that they are getting ready to lay him off. Great. This wasn't unexpected, but it was fairly ironic considering the somewhat budget-crushing decision we'd made the night before. We laughed it off, decided to make the best of the weekend, and took off at noon on Friday.

The lodge was gorgeous. We had a tiny room above the kitchen that filled with the smell of coffee and cinnamon buns at 7am. We had a bathtub beside a window overlooking the stormy Pacific. We had drizzly weather, walks on the beaches, yummy dinner at a restaurant in town... glasses of wine on the deck. Bald eagles shrieking and wheeling overhead.

We talked about the near future; D has been accepted into the program at UNBC. I have applied for a Ministry of Transportation job in PG. We're planning a road trip up to scout out the neighbourhoods in late March. We discussed "babies", as this will delay any possibility of that for four years - we agreed that we're both ok with waiting that long, and we agreed that we're both more gaga over dogs than babies anyhow.. soo.. yeah.

Life is really good these days. How can I complain about anything? I've lived the way that I want to, and I have a hard time classifying anything that I've done as boring, and it's looking as though things will continue to be exciting in the year to come.

Now the hard part: breaking the news to the parents that no, we aren't having a baby, and that no, we aren't getting married, and that no, we aren't buying a house. No, we're moving 9 hours North, and D's starting a Bachelor's degree. Hahaha.

Oh, and D wasn't laid off this morning. Good thing; he's got a lot of saving to do.

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