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Thursday, May. 07, 2009 @ 10:41 am
MoT, again.

Had another call back from the Ministry of Transportation. I wasn't expecting to hear from them, as it's been four months since I applied. The job involves driving rural roads, doing pavement condition assessments, etc. Ironically, I learned all about this in class yesterday morning. When things click like this, I can't help but be optimistic.

I'm imagining exploring the North, meeting moose and caribou, alone, face to face with giant ungulates. Sitting on the tail gate of my truck, having lunch from a steaming thermos, my skin more wrinkled from the weather. I'm imagining measuring the depth of ruts, the width of cracks, my hands fumbling in heavy, warm gloves.

I'm imagining banter on the radio. An encounter with a porcupine. A jacket with a logo. A steady income to pay the bills.

Perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself.

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