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Thursday, May. 28, 2009 @ 8:46 am

School is a love/hate thing right now. Sometimes, I feel like I'm king of the castle. As though I have this place figured out, that I have made a home for myself here. Other times, I am swamped with work. Assignments piled on top of projects on top of studying for quizzes/midterms.

It doesn't help that things at home are busy. I sold my truck yesterday. Sold a couple of large houseplants. Sold a tripod. Sold a bike. Sold a receiver. Gave away a chair cover. What else? Still have night table and a couple more large plants to get rid of. Also, an enlarger. Gotta talk to the insurance people, arrange storage in P.G. Have to talk to my landlord. Have to figure out how to get two cars and one moving truck over to the mainland. The apartment is a mess, and I'm sure that Klaus will want to show it ASAP. Need to eat all of the food in the freezer, fridge. Need to send resumes to the consultants in PG. Need to email Kyle. Need to return library books. Pay city parking fines. Stock up on Murchies and Silk Road tea. Buy new cycling shoes. Research/buy altimeter. Fix laptop. Get brakes done on Pathfinder. Get passport.

Need to clone myself.

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