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Tuesday, Aug. 18, 2009 @ 11:15 pm
Peak of City Summer

I pulled a dead rat from my parent's hedge tonight.

Rode my bike around Stanley Park with two of my most favourite men in the world.

Had a popsicle; lounged on the lawn.

Salmon dinner, cooked by Mom.

Quick trip to D's grandma's to pick up some shorts (our stuff is now spread between FOUR houses.. plus storage locker.)

Picked apples; peeled apples; made applesauce; ate applesauce and ice cream for dessert.

Created physics lab in driveway: taught D how to use a siphon without having to use oral suction. Successfully siphoned coolant from overflow reservoir of the Pathfinder.

Visited my childhood library, my teenage coffee shop hangout.

Conclusion: today was the peak of my summer in the city.

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