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Tuesday, Sept. 08, 2009 @ 7:22 pm

I started my new 'job' today.

I hid in my cubicle and drafted a septic system for a property in a Northern aboriginal community.

At lunch, I sat in the Pathfinder listening to a CD, eating leftovers.

I drove home at 5:30, along with thousands of other people.

I feel as though I stepped off of a ledge, expecting a glorious swift fall, only to find that my feet landed on level ground - no free fall, no moving colours, no rush of cool air. Instead, I stepped onto a paved sidewalk, in nowheretown America.

So, this is what's next. I am looking out the back window of our suburban home, dogs barking, mismatched fences. I eat food straight from the fridge, standing at the long counter, looking out the front window. Kids on bikes. Trucks in driveways.

I'm going to go out and run now. I'm going to run all of this out of me, onto the paved cul-de-sacs, and rediscover the beauty of a life more ordinary than I'm used to.

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