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Tuesday, Sept. 29, 2009 @ 6:56 pm
Comfort Zone

I'm going to play volleyball tonight. With girls. With girls who I don't know.

This is totally out of my comfort zone. I haven't had any real girlfriends in many years. Well, I have a couple of girlfriends who live out of town - and I do see them once or twice a year - but never something like this. Not that they are actually my friends yet.

There is a girl at work, well, a woman, I suppose, who I get along with very well, even though we are in completely different life stages (ie. she is married and has a son). She invited me out to play a season of 'fun' league volleyball at the Y.

The thing is, I hate volleyball. At least I used to. I hated having to communicate and be assertive with a team (ie. "MINE!"). I hated having red, swollen forearms. I hated the feeling of that crackled grey heavy ball.

I said yes. I wouldn't let myself think about it. I made myself say yes. And now, in half an hour, I will meet these girls to play volleyball.

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