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Saturday, Nov. 14, 2009 @ 12:18 am
Settled In.

It started snowing this morning, just as I got up. I sat eating breakfast watching swirling snowflakes.

Worked all day, no window, walking to the library at lunch.

They offered me full-time permanent. I accepted.

I went to a pub night at the University tonight, for D's department. At first I sat silent, slouched, nobody talking to me. I was so mad at everyone, and I felt so isolated. And then I drank. And then I talked. And I talked with Roy, who is also a Capricorn, who nearly has toe-thumbs, who I sort of love in a preliminary sort of way, because we played board games at his house the other day.

And there was Sarah, who I also love in a preliminary sort of way, because she is so perfect and so Vancouver Island, but so different and also alone. She loved the book that I gave/lent her. I love her for that. I hope that she stays in my life. I haven't met anyone like her in years.

And then there was me and D in the parking lot of the university, snow dry and thin on the ground. I gathered handfuls of it and threw it at him in useless snowballs, and he picked me up and turned me upside down.

I hope for more snow tomorrow, and more Roy next weekend, and my job to keep being so generous, because I've never felt so sure of everything as I do now.

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