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Saturday, Feb. 06, 2010 @ 10:32 am

Freezing fog right now. Bright and beautiful.

Work is stressful. I'm constantly in over my head. I've been passed off a huge project from an EIT who quit. I am in disbelief of the things that are expected of me. In past jobs, I've been baby-sat through anything remotely new. Here, the attitude is sink or swim. Of course, this leaves me vulnerable to making mistakes. So, the last couple of weeks has been about me learning to deal with my mistakes gracefully. It's hard for me. My normal way of dealing with things is to gather all of the information I need, analyze, re-analyze, research some more, sleep on it, and then proceed with action/decision. Now, I have to act or decide without extensive research.

Anyhow, I'm doing OK, and they're telling me that. I'm no longer the golden child, but I'm probably a lot more real to them now.

House hunting is fruitless. The market is really hot here right now. Good houses sell within HOURS of being on the market. Not a good time for someone like me with cold feet.

And finally, my granny is contesting the will of my late grandpa. Because I am a residual benefactor, I too have been served, and I have to report to a lawyer. It's total bullshit. I want to know what she really thought of my grandfather, what their relationship was really like in their later years. Something tells me that she was just waiting for him to die so that she could get on with her life and spending the estate. The money? Sure, I'd love to eventually have some of it. But it's her greed that makes me angry. She's been given a third of the estate, with the other thirds to go to my father and his brother. She wants a half, or more, so what we're really talking about here is a sixth of the estate. She's willing to alienate herself from the family, to advertise her greed and selfishness and disrespect for her dead husband, over a sixth of the estate!!! I say give it to her and let her rejoice in her free trip to Australia (or whatever she wants to spend the money on) and let her rot in loneliness and the knowledge that she will never have support from our side of the family again.

Anyhow, I've finished my tea and cereal.

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