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Sunday, Nov. 07, 2010 @ 10:03 pm
List of Me

This was my weekend:

-peel, chop, steam, and puree the jack-o-lanterns
-bake pumpkin raisin spice muffins
-bake spelt lemon squares
-bake whole wheat maple biscuits
-make pizza from scratch (semolina yeast dough)
-make huge vat of carrot potato soup
-transplant peonies
-plant dwarf arctic willow tree
-take recycling to depot (We have no curbside recycling, if you can believe that. Not even newspapers.)
-shorten venetian blinds in first bedroom
-3 loads laundry, all hung to dry in shifts
-vacuum entire house: carpet and hardwood areas and couches
-several trips to lumber supply store while Daniel built the stairs for the new deck
-water all plants x2 (so dry needed it done twice 24 hrs apart)
-move compost bin to rear of yard (why oh why oh why... at least it was mostly dormant)
-play with cats (x2) (we added Mabel to our colony last weekend)
-change sheets on both beds - ours and guest - and change to winter duvets and blankets
-watch Inception (in three sittings)
-go for a night-walk-with-beers with Daniel over past the gravel pit wearing down jackets and mukluks (oh, PG, how we love your night life)
-buy cross country skiing season's pass

So, this is my life these days. Can't say that I love it; can't say that I hate it. This is my life right now. We have big plans for 18 months from now. Well, not crazy move-to-Europe plans or anything like that, but this suburban life in this struggling city isn't for us. We're not shy about packing up, taking a chance, diving head-first into something different - we've done it twice before. Three times lucky? Each time we learn more about ourselves and the world, and each time I come closer to being more successful at being myself.

Is the list of above activities me? It's a part of me, but there are some key things missing from that list. I'll bet that you could name a few...

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